What are some ways to maintain balance in your life/studies?

What are some ways to maintain balance in your life/studies?

Recognising the Need for Balance

When I was studying in university, pulling all-nighters, attending back-to-back classes and trying to juggle my social life with a part-time job, I remember asking myself, "Is this what balance looks like?" I had always been told that life is a balancing act and in those tumultuous years, my life resembled a tumultuous juggling circus more than a graceful ballet.

Balance is crucial in every aspect of our lives, and maintaining it can significantly enhance our productivity, motivation and overall wellbeing. It's not about giving equal proportion of time and energy to every aspect of our daily routine; rather, it’s about giving each aspect its rightful due and not feeling overworked or under-stimulated. It's an art, really – one that many of us are yet to master. And as a father of two adorable little rascals, Elodie and Paxton, my life’s balancing act has quite a bit more at stake!

Planning and Prioritising

The first step to striking a perfect balance in life is being able to plan and prioritise effectively. By knowing what needs to be done and in what order, we are better able to manage our time and energy. This is something I've sworn by, ever since I realised that juggling multiple roles of being a parent, a blogger, a husband and a social being demanded a meticulous approach. Prudent planning and intelligent prioritising have been my secret weapons in dealing not just with the big tasks, but also the million little ones that eat into your day without notice.

Whether you're swamped with assignments for your studies, feeling overwhelmed with the household chores, or handling a mountain of work-related tasks, being able to prioritise importance can help save the day. Not everything needs your immediate attention. Learn to discern between 'urgent' and 'important', and organise your tasks accordingly. This will ensure you utilise your productive hours most effectively, and have some time left for relaxation too!

Establishing a Healthy Routine

When you’re aiming for balance, establishing a healthy routine is non-negotiable. Irregular sleep patterns, skipping meals or lack of exercise can make you feel weary, lethargic and unmotivated. My old uni days taught me this the hard way. It's essential for you to have a consistent routine that covers sufficient sleep, a balanced diet, regular physical activity and some time for solitude and reflection.

Think of your body as a machine—if you keep running it without proper maintenance, it's bound to break down one day. Therefore, inculcating a fixed routine where you nourish the body, rest adequately and engage in some form of physical exercise regularly can help add vitality to your daily life.

The Power of Breaks and Leisure

You're no machine to operate endlessly, neither are you racehorse to keep running without a pause. Slogging continuously can bring even the mightiest of strong-willed individuals to their knees. This is where breaks play a vital role. Whether it’s taking five minutes to stretch, twenty minutes for a power nap or a weekend trip, breaks can be crucial in maintaining balance in life.

Back during my university days, I remember weekends were my solace. A stroll along the beautiful River Torrens, a family picnic in the Adelaide Botanic Garden, or simply lounging on the Glenelg Beach—these little escapes surely rejuvenated me for the week ahead.

Mastering the Art of Delegation

As much as I’d like to be a superhero that does everything, I’ve realised I can’t, and that’s okay. Delegation is an art, one that can make your life a lot easier. It’s all about understanding that it’s okay to share your responsibilities and tasks with others. Be it at home, at school, or at work—dividing tasks among your teammates or family members not only lessens the burden on you but also fosters a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility.

My own foray into delegation started when Elodie and Paxton were about five, of course, there were LEGO building blocks and picture books involved, but it marked the start of shared duties. Today, they've graduated to doing their own laundry, helping with meal prep on weekends, and are also my trusted advisors for picking the right Marvel superhero merchandise!

Disconnect to Connect Better

With life moving at breakneck speed, ensnared by the relentless pull of technology, a 'digital detox' at regular intervals can help maintain balance. Remember, it's okay to step back, disconnect from the electronic world and spend some time in solitude or in the company of love ones. Not only does this help reduce stress, but it also enhances your focus and productivity when you return to your tasks.

As a blogger who’s often enveloped in the digital sphere, I practice digital detox by indulging in activities that draw me closer to nature – gardening, bird watching and stargazing are my go-to activities. Trust me, seeing your tomato plants bear fruit is infinitely more rewarding than any notification ping!

All said and done, it's essential to remember that there's no 'one-size-fits-all' answer for maintaining balance in life. Each one of us is unique with distinctive lifestyles, mentalities, and capacities. It's about finding the equilibrium that works specifically for us and makes us feel content, productive and satisfied. After all, the most gloriously balanced high-wire act is the one where you don't notice the wire at all. Here's to finding that perfect balance - at your own pace, in your own style.

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