Calistaglasses Never thought of myself as having much in common with Calista Flockhart (I'm not even much of a Harrison Ford fan), but it turns out the "Brothers & Sisters" star and I share an affinity for the same specs. Robertmarcglasses Eyeglasses designer Robert Marc told me so himself today when he made an appearance at InVision at the Galleria in Edina to promote his high-fashion line of glasses, worn by virtually every four-eyed celeb you can name: Katie Couric, Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Calista Flockhart. I brought Robert four models to fit in frames for a story that will run in  the St. Paul Pioneer Press. But after, I couldn't resist asking his opinion on my own plastic frames..which I thought I liked, until he told me they were too straight across the top. "I don't know why I keep thinking Calista with you," he said, presenting me with three modified cat eye plastic frames – all worn by Flockhart in various scenes on "Brothers & Sisters." "Serious, but soft," he declared. Our favorites sell for $475. Wish I had the ABC wardrobe department to pay for mine. Here I am, dreaming, in Calista's frames. Keep in mind she had hair and makeup. And Rob Lowe.