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Corset Reopening

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Corset boutique reopens in Hopkins today. New owner Jodi Mayers, a former sales and marketing executive specializing in customer service training, plans to continue focusing on women 30 to 65, offering professional, contemporary and casual apparel, sizes 0 to 20. She tells me she’ll carry many of the same brands, but also intends to add European and Canadian lines, and develop relationships with local designers. She’s adding more denim as well as evening options – all at a range of price points. Mayer plans to relaunch Corset’s personal styling membership program in the fall – the transition should be smooth with original owner Carrie Leum consulting.

Valentine’s Rx: personal shoppers at Walgreens

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

While it can't compete with Nordstrom on ambiance or designer goods, Walgreens – yes, Walgreens – intends to give personalized service a shot in the desperate days leading up to Valentine's Day. Thursday, Feb. 11 to Saturday, Feb. 13, the drug store will have "Personal Gift Advisors" available at select locations (sales associates from the beauty counter will assume the temporary role). Allow them to escort you from candy to cards to…personal hygiene – or maybe plush toys? If anyone should know the right Rx, it's Walgreens. This is Walgreens' first foray into personal shopping   – a free service that has become increasingly popular in tough times at upscale clothing chains like J. Crew and Anthropologie. "We want to help the clueless male at a store he's familiar with," spokeswoman Danielle Rabin said. "So he doesn't have to go to Victoria's Secret."

Oh, to be this coordinated

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I should be organizing my closet. Instead, I sit here at my desk in my new home, while the contents of my wardrobe remain strewn across my bed, dresser and – it’s true – in garbage bags on the floor. Good thing Sara Rogers isn’t coming over. Just last week, the Mall of America fashion expert and image consultant was on "Shop Girls" talking about how she arranges her closet by outfit. Rather than pants on one rack and tops on another, she groups five shirts with the bottoms that match. I am in awe. And I’ll think about that as I cram my pants on one rack and tops on another.

The buzz about personal shoppers

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Just a couple of weeks after reporting that Anthropologie has added a personal shopping service at its 50th and France store, Edina-based Hot Mama has created a similar program at all of its Twin Cities locations (Edina, St. Paul, Wayzata, Maple Grove). The store that tries to make shopping do-able with kids – offering toys and snacks – is now taking simplicity to the next level, allowing customers to call ahead with their wants and needs and show up to find options waiting in a fitting room. And same as department stores, there’s no charge for the service and no obligation to buy. Just another sign that boutiques are recognizing they need to distinguish their service to be successful. Wonder which one will be next to jump on the bandwagon.

Personal shoppers at Anthropologie

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

And as I examined myself in a pair of cropped pants in the fitting room mirror at Anthropologie, I thought, if only I had "a best friend and confidant available…for exceptional support, insight and a little fun."
Talk about your full service specialty chain. Anthropologie is taking a cue from department stores, introducing a free personal shopping service at many locations nationwide, including the 50th and France store. Call for an appointment – I’m told the personal shoppers can assist on both the fashion and home sides of the store, with anything from a wardrobe update to freshening up a room to top-to-bottom makeovers. The press release promises a whole lot, including the personal shopper pledge to "keep a record of clients’ sizes and interests, so they can alert them when something they might like first arrives." Sounds like  the stuff any good retail sales associate should be doing, but at least Anthropologie recognizes the need to enhance service. This is a great opportunity for women who get overwhelmed by Anthropologie’s selection (there’s always more merchandise under the tables), and for women who crave a fresh alternative but always assumed the store was too whimsical or too young (both my mom and I are huge fans, but rarely do we walk out with the same items). Again, like the personal shopping service provided at better department stores, this program is free. You’ve got nothing to lose. Except maybe your old best friend and confidant. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved