Martin + Osa has always impressed me more for the store design and attention to details (no, you’re not just imagining that woodsy fragrance) than the merchandise. Yes, Martin + Osa – right here at the MOA, just a couple doors down from the Gap on the second level. Perhaps its that big wood wall next to the entryway where most stores have windows that throws people, but I’m willing to bet a whole lot of shoppers don’t know Martin + Osa exists. I’m frankly surprised it still does. The chain is owned by American Eagle, and targets thirtysomethings who’ve graduated from cutoffs and tanks. That would be me, except every time I visit, I find the clothes pretty boring and pricey. Nothing I couldn’t find at J. Crew or Banana, except J. Crew and Banana offer more fashion and better sales. Still, desperate as I am for the perfect summer tees, I stopped in recently and did find a few items worth trying on. And here’s the key. Even if you have no intention of buying, try something on at this store. The fitting rooms are true escapes: large, with cabin-like wooden walls and a scenic view on the back wall so you can visualize yourself stepping into the perfectly neat, preppy life those khakis will offer. During my stay, I was given a full-size bottle of Fiji water, which made wriggling in and out of my shirt totally worth the hassle. Next time I’m thirsty and in need of a getaway, you’ll find me in the fitting rooms at Martin + Osa. Please knock.