Just got of the phone with Clinton Kelly of "What Not to Wear" who is traveling like crazy, nursing a stuffy nose and wondering what he was thinking when he pitched to Macy's the idea of "Make Over America" -  15 women at a time, in 15 different cities (he hits Southdale Center in Edina at 2 p.m. on May 9). "Fifteen is ridiculous," he mused. "At one point it was supposed to be 12, which sounds more manageable. Whatever. I want it to be big." He'll spend the day before the free, live event running around with pre-selected candidates (you're too late, sorry) three at a time, getting them ready for their coming out on Saturday. Lest you think he can fit all of them off the rack in one day, he assured me there will be a tailor on hand. "People who have style find pretty things and have them tailored."

Make that 16: Clinton just "virtually" made over a woman who asked me for help. Get the scoop in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Sunday, April 26. You're sure to pick up a tip or two.