Clearly, Twin Cities shoppers have strong opinions about Macy’s. So now that you’ve had a few days to process the news that Macy’s North – the division based here in Minneapolis – is being eliminated, what do you think? Can shopping at the department store get any worse? Hard to see how this move is going to help with the kinds of gripes we frequently chat about here – lack of adequate (and informed) staffing, lack of interesting merchandise and so on. So what do you think? The message local execs had been pushing in the face of constant complaints was that they were like us – they lived here, they remembered the glory days of Dayton’s and they were trying to give us what we wanted – despite the corporate culture. With that no longer possible, will you continue to shop there? If not, where will you go instead? I really do want to know – your thoughts could be part of a column I’m working on for the Pioneer Press.