When it comes to the Mall of America, it’s tough to stump the shopping columnist. I’m like a walking directory of that place (should I be admitting this?). I know what’s coming and going; the elevator no one uses; the best bathrooms; the locally owned stores.

So when the staff of Local Charm contacted me to request a mention on AliShops, I explained that I am familiar with the store — and aware that it is one of the few at the mall that is locally owned — but I’m not including bead stores on my website at this time.

Thank you, they replied, with a polite correction: Local Charm is not a bead store.

Well what do you know. I’ve walked by a thousand times, but I finally went in for a serious look the other day. The shop is bigger than I realized and extremely inviting with plenty of seating, cool ambiance and jewelry cases that are open to the public. A novel idea!

Those cases contain affordable jewelry — mostly silver and stone — created by artisans from Minnesota and beyond. Simple stuff, for the most part, but the kind of necklaces and earrings you might wear every day.

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Local Charm has been added to AliShops.