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Roaming for Bargains

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Nothing like a moving sale to bring in shoppers (oh, the irony). Roam, 813 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, has cleared out a ton of merchandise in the last couple of weeks, but great deals on contemporary furnishings and accessories remain – and they’re about to get better. Another round of markdowns will be taken Wednesday, bringing everything to 50 to 70 percent off. It’s a great chance to get discounts on current Alessi accessories, which rarely go on sale (like this watch, which I could not resist). Some larger pieces remain – sofas, dining tables, lamps – including a few from Ligne Roset. Roam will close at its current location by mid-August and will reopen in Uptown in September.

Blown. Away.

The new ID/Inside Design and martinpatrick3 are, quite simply, stunning. This is just the urban lifestyle laboratory Minneapolis has needed to finally make the Warehouse District a shopping destination. You won’t just want to buy the furniture and menswear, you’ll want to soak it in – to become this effortlessly cool human who wears Fred Perry shirts and Naked & Famous jeans, carries a bright blue Marc Jacobs messenger bag and flips through photography books on a Ligne Roset chair. At least the store invites  lingering. There’s even a manly bar.

Owner Greg Walsh of Walsh Design Group has always been respected for his interior design work, but these stores reveal his true talent, which goes beyond pairing the right chair and lamp to cultivating a mood at once luxurious and laid back; modern and timeless. And then, having all the brands and objects needed for those who aspire to aesthetic. “It feels like Soho,” I heard shoppers gushing on Saturday. Who needs Soho? Walsh has raised the bar for Twin Cities retail – let’s hope others join him.

Visit ID/Inside Design and martinpatrick3 at 212 Third Ave. N., Mpls. (across the street from the Monte Carlo).

What’s in store for the new ID

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

If you’re missing Ligne Roset’s breathtakingly sleek presence in town (I liked just knowing it was there, should I ever happen upon a pot of gold), good news: ID Inside Design will become the exclusive dealer of the high-end contemporary furniture line when the store moves in February to the old Riverwalk Antiques space at 212 Third Ave. N. The current ID store will remain open through January. A big sale is already underway. Details here.

Ligne Roset: So close, and yet so far

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

1ligne There are certain stores I can't really (ever) afford, but still like having in town. Ligne Roset is one of those. Time to time, I traipse through the sleek showroom across from International Market Square, and imagine life with museum worthy furnishings and a total lack of clutter. I enjoyed knowing Linge Roset was there for me, should the day ever arrive that I could fund a luxe lifestyle makeover. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one doing more fantasizing than buying. Ligne Roset plans to close once it sells through current floor stock (click here for sale details). Ligne Roset is headquartered in France with stores around the world owned by distributors. One bright spot: adjoining store Roam, also owned locally, will remain open. Think I'll go buy myself a little piece of the dream – a mod bowl, a neat place mat – just to keep it alive. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved