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While Kim Kardashian was busy tending to wedding details, I got to hang out with her then-fiance, NBA player Kris Humphries, at his home on Lake Minnetonka, where we shot the cover of the September issue of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. You can see pics of the house where Kim has been chilling on frequent visits to the Twin Cities, and read about Humphries’ design vision (hint: Hitch) and hometown pastimes in the September issue – on newsstands next week. But here are some of the topics we discussed during our five hour photo shoot (the guy insisted on changing his shirt for every shot…).

Marrying Kim. “You get that feeling you’ve never felt about anyone before – that you’re so excited to be with someone.”

His parents’ reaction to the proposal. “My parents got married within a year of meeting each other. I’m at an age where I have to live my life. They raised me well.”

Kids. “Isn’t that what everyone wants?”

Life with a reality star. “I’m still who I was before. I enjoy life.” As for the cameras? “That’s just the nature of being with Kim.”

Where they’ll live. “We haven’t focused on that.”

Reality TV. “In my experience, it’s very authentic.”

Hidden talent. A ping pong table is the centerpiece of Humphries’ dining room – and he’s not messing around. “I’m the best ping pong player that hasn’t played in any league,” he said modestly.

In the fridge. Lots of fresh fruit, carrots, and Kim’s Ritual Cleanse organic juice. (Humphries did let our one of our crew members take a bottle, but jokingly warned she better not waste it – or “Kim will be mad.”)

Master bath. The counter is so high, Kim might need a stool. Custom made for the 6-foot-9 baller? “No, it just came that way,” Humphries marveled. The home, which he bought new about five years ago, was built on spec.

In the garage. A white Mercedes S550. (His Twin Cities Mercedes dealer attended Humphries’ Fourth of July bash on the rooftop of Seven.)

Viewing habits. Before meeting Kim, Humphries says he’d only seen snippets of her show. His favorites include The Office and Seinfeld.

Average off-season day - pre-wedding. When the NBA season ends, Humphries waits out the end of winter at his condo in South Beach. “I like Miami – the ocean, I’ve got a lot of friends there.” When it gets warm, he heads to Minnesota where he usually starts the day with an early morning workout at Lifetime Fitness in Chanhassen (he enjoys working out with former NBA players Chris Carr and Trent Tucker when possible, and also likes to mix in martial arts). Summer afternoons are usually spent at home or out on his boat, fishing with his dad or napping. Evenings are for poker. “I surround myself with pretty legitimate people.”

Mr. Fashionista. Kim’s got him trained: Humphries immediately zeroed in on the Louboutins on the cover of the Mpls.St.Paul Magazine July issue, which he flipped through at our cover shoot. We also discussed his new-found preference for wearing a suit without a belt. “It’s much sexier.” For that perfectly exquisite slim fit, Humphries orders custom suits by Scott Hill Bespoke Designs in Los Angeles. “I’ve definitely had more reasons to wear suits lately,” he said. “That’s what happens when you’re engaged to a fashion icon.”

Free agent = Timberwolves? “There’s more to the sport than, ‘I’m from Minnesota; I want to play there.’ The best fit isn’t always where you’re from. You really have to look at the team – situation and fit. It’s a business.”

St. Cloud. Really? Visiting one of his Five Guys franchises isn’t the only reason Humphries brought Kim to St. Cloud, about an hour outside of the Twin Cities. His grandparents live there. He often stops by, with burgers.

Hometown pride. No matter where he lives or who he plays for, Humphries said he’ll always root for the Vikings and Twins.

Before heading to California for her little brother’s wedding (News flash: there was a WEDDING over the weekend!), Kaela Humphries went shopping at her favorite Twin Cities boutique: Covered in Uptown.

It’s good to have friends in retail when you’re keeping up with the Kardashians. Humphries’ bestie Bridget works at Covered, and has helped her plan outfits for the many events (and plane rides) she’s attended since her brother, NBA player Kris Humphries, started courting Kim Kardashian. Kaela Humphries’ other essential shopping resource: Nordstrom, where she used to work. Sondra at Nordstrom Mall of America is the go-to personal shopper for Humphries and her mom.

“I don’t need to stand out; I just want to be appropriate,” says Humphries, a successful medical sales rep who also models (yep, that’s her pic hanging in Kohl’s stores and on

Humphries has mastered the art of switching up her accessories. “Covered has a lot of vintage jewelry and belts – I’ve worn the same dress 100 times and changed the belt, the purse.”

And the lip. “I used to just do a nude lip or lipgloss. But when you’re recycling outfits and trying to get different looks – for five or six events in one day . . . I threw on a red lip.” Her new fave: Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain.

As for her bridesmaid dress, well, she’s sworn to secrecy until the E! wedding special airs in October. She did tell me that among the many celebrity guests at the wedding, two that she most enjoyed meeting were from the fashion world: clothing designer Rachel Roy and the designer of Kardashian’s engagement ring, Lorraine Schwartz. But mostly, Humphries says she was “surrounded by friends and family and caught up in the moment.”

She flew the red-eye back to Minneapolis, arriving just in time to go to work Monday, so Humphries has yet to see this week’s Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s episode, in which her brother goes on vaca to Bora Bora with Kim’s family. “My parents have them TiVo’ed, so I’ll probably sit down and watch a bunch at some point.”

After all, this is the brother she “did everything with” growing up, including swimming and playing basketball. “He used to be introverted,” Humphries says of Kris. “He’s kind of funny these days.”

Keeping up with Kardashian

Monday, July 4th, 2011

No, Kim Kardashian’s booty is not just exaggerated on TV. And yes, Kris Humphries is really that tall (and handsome) – that’s him with me and my Shop Girls co-host Alexis Walsko. My favorite moment of the big Kardashian/Humphries party at Seven Sushi Skybar on Saturday night came at the very – very –  end: 2 a.m., in the valet line, Ray Edwards of the Vikings taking his time getting situated in his Hummer when my ‘03 Santa Fe pulls up…and I have to take out a car seat and brush off the goldfish crackers to make room for the friends I was driving home. It’s a glamorous life! | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved