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Scrubbed Into Fashion

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Grey’s Anatomy met Project Runway and I attempted to channel Nina Garcia as a judge at Saturday’s Scrubbed into Fashion, a collaboration between the University of Minnesota Medical School Student Council and FAB: Fashion and Business group to benefit Smile Network International. Six student designers were challenged to create two looks, one ready to wear, one couture, out of medical scrubs. The master of repurposing, Project Runway alum Christopher Straub hosted, and created four of his own looks for the event (pictured above). I had the difficult task of judging, along with Juut founder/owner David Wagner and another Minnesota Project Runway alum, Katherine Gerdes, now the manager of Hell’s Kitchen. I sort of thought I’d go all Simon (David announced upfront he was a hopeless Randy), but turns out I’m a little more Paula – though all I drank was Vitamin Water, swear. The designers showed real talent and creativity – and the models, all medical students, looked amazing. Maybe Grey’s Anatomy is more realistic than I gave it credit for. After much deliberation, we gave it to Jen Voth, a full time student and jewelry designer, who took inspiration for this challenge from the human heart – color, contrast, and even chamber-like cutouts. The two very wearable dresses were constructed entirely of medical scrubs. Check it out (she made her own dress out of scrubs as well). Congrats to all on a clever, well executed charitable event!

Photos by Kristen Holte, FAB creative director

How about a clutch with that manicure

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Nelleclutch Soon, you'll be able to get an evening bag to match your manicure at Juut. Twin Cities designer Laura Nelli of hot handbag line Nelle has created a holiday accessories collection that will be sold exclusively at all eight Juut salon/spa locations beginning Nov. 3. The capsule collection include the brand new Eve clutch (pictured), designed for Juut, and the Nelle Headband Bud done in deep purples, soft silver and black with Nelle's signature attention to texture and detail.  Prices range from $36 to $110.

As for the significance of the partnership: Juut, like most salons, is looking for creative ways to grow at a time when women are letting their hair go to space out salon services. Retail beyond the typical Aveda hair products has proved to be lucrative, from notebooks to headbands. And for Nelli, whose bags are sold online and in a few small boutiques, the partnership brings exposure on a grander scale. Could be very convenient: get a blow-out, a mani/pedi, an evening bag and you're ready to party.

Spalon news and a budget blowout

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Will the miserable construction atSpalon Montage in Edina ever end? Yes!, CEO Mitchell Wherley promised me today. In about 45 days. Watch for a full month of specials and promotions commencing in mid-June.
I'm full of salon/spa tidbits as I write this week's Savvy Shopper column. I'll have a list of new deals and discounts recently introduced to lure cautious consumers back to the salon. One that really feels like justice: Juut has cut the prices on blowouts. Prior to this month, a blowout cost as much as a haircut at Juut, which struck me as highway robbery – especially as my favorite Juut stylist's cutting fee rose to – gasp – $90. Now, a 30-minute blowout starts at $35 and costs about half the price of a cut. Smart move. Much more to come in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Sunday, April 12.

Praise for “How Not to Look Old”

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Beauty and style guides land on my desk virtually every day and generally get stacked in a dusty pile. Sure, some of them include a useful tip or two…but rarely enough to warrant purchasing. I can, however, wholeheartedly recommend the new "How Not to Look Old" – and not just because I advised author Charla Krupp on which Twin Cities salons to spotlight in the city-by-city beauty guide at the back of the book. (The mere fact that she includes cities between NY and LA is a triumph.)

Krupp, a veteran beauty editor and frequent style expert on the Today show, has managed to stay real after years in the fashion biz. She’s more concerned about spider veins and hair loss and disguising a less-than-taut tummy than the next runway collection or miracle cream. "Aging sucks," she writes. "The question is, what are we going to do about it?" Her book is honest, humorous and packed with useful tips on everything from managing wrinkles to wearing the right shapewear.

One of the big lightening rods seems to be Krupp’s advice on
hosiery. "For some reason," she told me this week, "women didn’t know
not to wear nude hose!" Krupp is a fan of fishnets and opaques. For
dressy occasions, she says to go with bare legs (spray-on tanner helps)
or consider nude fishnets. If your dress happens to be black, very sheer black stockings could work.

Beyond the seemingly endless hosiery debates, Krupp stirred up a bit of controversy on my radio show, "Shop Girls" a few weeks ago when she advised women over 40 not to go gray. A flurry of calls followed from women reluctant to commit to hair color for the rest of their lives. Sure, maintenance is a bitch, but Krupp is goal oriented: lightening your hair takes 10 years off your appearance. Yes, we’ll save your spot while you call the salon.

Which one? Well, for those Minneapolis beauty listings at the back of Krupp’s book – what pressure! – I suggested Jon English, Denny Kemp, Root Salon, Brian Graham Salon and Juut at Gaviidae, especially master stylist Woody Theis, who got up early to style Krupp’s hair when she was in town recently. (It’s blond.)

A Southdale makeover?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

My recent Pioneer Press column about the sorry state of Southdale Center prompted Juut Salon/Spas CEO David Wagner to tell me that his company is in final negotiations to take over the vacant Louis XIII space at Southdale, with plans to open in August. Good move for Juut. It’s a high profile space that will lend itself to a dynamic setting, and the mall could use a spa since Estee Lauder pulled out. No question this development will lead to many splendid afternoons: mani/pedi and lunch at P.F. Chang’s. Now if only Southdale could figure out how to drive traffic into the mall. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved