After prolonged deliberation (about nine months), I concluded there is no one stroller to fill absolutely every need. It’s a conspiracy to ensure that every parent ends up with two, three, maybe more four wheel contraptions taking up space in the garage. For me, suddenly the mother of a newborn and a 3-year-old who still appreciates the occasional lift, it came down to a double stroller that would work well for walks around the lakes, like the Phil and Teds, or one that would be lighter weight and more compact for the malls. I went with the malls. But the three of us have already taken our new Joovy Ultralight Caboose on a spin to the park and so far, I must say it has exceeded expectations. It’s not much bigger than a single stroller, maneuvers well and folds easily. My toddler can sit or stand, and seems to enjoy both. He can buckle himself in, but has yet to master unbuckling – which is perfect. The infant seat fits right on the front. Our only complaint thus far: with the infant seat in place, the bigger kid gets a bit squished. Guess he better get used to that.