In case you missed it on the biz pages, Isaac Mizrahi is leaving Target. He’s moving on to a more lucrative  – and challenging – undertaking: trying to revive Liz Claiborne.
Analysts are saying it’s a big blow to Target, which reinvented its image as a trend retailer with the introduction of Mizrahi’s exclusive collection five years ago. Isaac Mizrahi for Target sells as much as $300 million annually, according to the New York Times.
I was impressed by the line when it debuted, and season after season, I find myself drawn to a jacket or dress. But honestly, I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually bought an Isaac Mizrahi item at Target. Like so many of the retailer’s fashion lines, it’s always better in the flashy ads than in the fitting room. Don’t get me wrong – I love that Target continues to take fashion risks and introduce the public to edgy designers most people couldn’t afford (or find). But perhaps this shake-up is a good opportunity to take a step back and make sure there’s substance behind the style.