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Lifecycle of a Trend: Feather Extensions

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Trends come and trends go – usually on an accelerated pace at a magazine office. (Oh, the pressure.) We’ve come to expect globetrotting Sky style editor Liz Doyle will be first with the trend – and first to declare it O.V.E.R. Which is what she did today. So fly, fly away feather hair extensions. (Alert Steven Tyler!) It’s been a swell, silly, ride. A look at how it went down:

November, 2010: Liz sees the trend in Los Angeles
December, 2010: Liz orders feathers from
February, 2010: Back in L.A. for a photo shoot, she gets them done professionally
May, 2011: MplsSt.Paul Magazine does a story on feather extensions. Shortage of feathers at beauty stores and fly fishing shops (Not saying former caused latter, but feel free to draw your own conclusions)
June, 2011: A MplsSt.Paul senior editor’s 7-year-old gets feather extensions
Trend done, and fly fishermen are pissed
Of course, that’s now. Liz says she’s saving her feathers – “in case they are cool in a year or so.”

Eva and Jessica’s hairstylist at MOA

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Kenpavesatmoa_4I can’t take everything I read in People magazine as gospel, right? So I say to celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, you did Eva Longoria’s hair for her wedding, right? (I’m a reporter – it’s my job to confirm the facts.) And he says: "You should do your Googling, girl!" Seems Paves is quite comfortable living his life on the pages of gossip rags. He appeared at Mall of America Friday to hype hairdo hair extensions and was a bit miffed to find no more than 20 in the crowd at the start of his show. The mall blamed the bridge tragedy for low traffic – several morning tv and radio interviews were cancelled. Paves was originally supposed to appear on an outdoor stage set up for back-to-school fashion shows, but they moved him inside when no one showed up to at least attract shoppers. Seems only celeb-bingers such as myself know the name Ken Paves. Google, and all. The show did go on, and Paves made the best of it, switching the ‘dos of his J.Lo dancers in mere seconds while gyrating his tiny hips and throwing hair extensions into the audience (that help build the crowd). The man does love his hair extensions. Look for my article on that – and find out what he said he’d do if Jessica Simpson ever broke up with him – in the St. Paul Pioneer Press next Sunday (Aug. 12). | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved