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A New Hue

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Photo by Stephanie Colgan

Donna Pohlad, wife of Minnesota Twins CEO Jim Pohlad, wants to elevate the home hair color experience. She started this week in Maple Grove with the opening of dpHue (that’s “Do Professional”). Get a free color consult from a licensed pro (trained by the fabulous Pamela Cruz, who also owns Bella Salon), and walk out with a custom blended hair color kit, starting at $38. The store also sells a curated assortment of hair care lines including Living Proof and Gwyneth Paltrow fave Original Sprout, as well as dpHue’s own sulfate-free color care shampoo and conditioner. Want to color in numbers? The striking space is available for color parties. 7808 N. Main St., Maple Grove, 763-447-4727

Stephanie Colgan catches me deep in thought...about gray roots

Getting to the root of hair color

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

With stray grays and blah browns threatening a hostile takeover of the sandy, sun-struck territory at my part, I knew what I had to do. I promised color guru Jason Backe, when he made me a Clairol blond, that I'd see this experiment through by touching up my own roots. The rubber gloves in the box made me nervous – like there was potential for this project to go horribly awry. I brushed the goop on the roots where my hair wants to part, but there was so much left. So I started flipping my hair to the other side and dabbing dye on those roots too. Then I worried the touch-up was touching too many non-touch-up hairs and I might end up with a partial Gwen Stefani. But, 10 minutes later, I dutifully rinsed and voila, no damage done; roots seemingly covered. Saved time and gobs of money. I might do this again!


And three hours 10 minute color treatment is complete! Admittedly, having Clairol color administered by their national color expert, Jason Backe of New York's Ted Gibson Salon, isn't the most scientific of experiments. But he offered, and who am I to say no to the creative force behind Anne Hathaway's rich brunette (hidden highlights are the key). So now I'm 9A with some 8, and feeling a bit redder than expected. But Jason says it's killer, so I choose to believe him. You can read my color report in my Savvy Shopper column on May 3 and catch Jason (Minnesotans might remember him from Jon English…or his days waiting tables at Christos) on Shop Girls this Saturday, April 25.

(Here I am…hard at work)

Praise for “How Not to Look Old”

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Beauty and style guides land on my desk virtually every day and generally get stacked in a dusty pile. Sure, some of them include a useful tip or two…but rarely enough to warrant purchasing. I can, however, wholeheartedly recommend the new "How Not to Look Old" – and not just because I advised author Charla Krupp on which Twin Cities salons to spotlight in the city-by-city beauty guide at the back of the book. (The mere fact that she includes cities between NY and LA is a triumph.)

Krupp, a veteran beauty editor and frequent style expert on the Today show, has managed to stay real after years in the fashion biz. She’s more concerned about spider veins and hair loss and disguising a less-than-taut tummy than the next runway collection or miracle cream. "Aging sucks," she writes. "The question is, what are we going to do about it?" Her book is honest, humorous and packed with useful tips on everything from managing wrinkles to wearing the right shapewear.

One of the big lightening rods seems to be Krupp’s advice on
hosiery. "For some reason," she told me this week, "women didn’t know
not to wear nude hose!" Krupp is a fan of fishnets and opaques. For
dressy occasions, she says to go with bare legs (spray-on tanner helps)
or consider nude fishnets. If your dress happens to be black, very sheer black stockings could work.

Beyond the seemingly endless hosiery debates, Krupp stirred up a bit of controversy on my radio show, "Shop Girls" a few weeks ago when she advised women over 40 not to go gray. A flurry of calls followed from women reluctant to commit to hair color for the rest of their lives. Sure, maintenance is a bitch, but Krupp is goal oriented: lightening your hair takes 10 years off your appearance. Yes, we’ll save your spot while you call the salon.

Which one? Well, for those Minneapolis beauty listings at the back of Krupp’s book – what pressure! – I suggested Jon English, Denny Kemp, Root Salon, Brian Graham Salon and Juut at Gaviidae, especially master stylist Woody Theis, who got up early to style Krupp’s hair when she was in town recently. (It’s blond.) | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved