Coreymonteith His show has aired just once and already Corey Monteith, star of the new Fox musical comedy Glee, has gaggles of girls following him around. No wonder: he's handsome – and sweet (as long as you don't compare him to Zac Efron). He was also a little confused. After his official promotional appearance ended at Mall of America today and he and his co-stars took a ride on the SpongeBob roller coaster, the actors split up to explore the mall. Corey wasn't sure what to do, so he tagged along on my shopping excursion with co-star Amber Riley (I sure wasn't complaining; can't speak for Amber who did mention Corey's instant fan club). Amberriley "Bet you've never been to Torrid," I told him as we headed to Amber's favorite plus size store. He didn't even know what it was. But he waited patiently while we shopped. At Hot Topic, where today's Glee appearance took place, he bought himself a "Gleek" t-shirt promoting the show (geez, give the guy the t-shirt) and then proceeded to ask two Goth salesgirls about cool places to go out in the Twin Cities. Poor guy – he's probably stuck at some dank and dreary headbanger club right now.