To promote the new first bag checked free perk with the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, American Express is giving away a standard piece of “designer” luggage to the first 200 folks to turn in a used bag at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Best Days of Summer Fireworks Saturday, July 24 from 5:30 to 11 p.m. Drop off is at the corner of West River Parkway and Portland Ave. You don’t have to be a cardholder to participate.

Visiting Mall of America on Friday, July 17 could be quite rewarding – especially if you like rides. As part of "The Summer of SpongeBob" (he's 10), MOAand Nickelodeon Universe are celebrating a "Day of Happiness" – and what could be happier than free stuff, no strings attached? Nearly $75,000 worth of prizes will randomly be given away by staffers roaming the mall and theme park. Prizes include DVDs, Nickelodeon Universe unlimited ride wristbands, Nickelodon t-shirts and passes to Rick Bronson's House of Comedy. Um, don't mean to sound greedy, but could we throw a few pair of shoes or a designer bag in there? After all, SpongeBob is a spiffy dresser.