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One less room

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

The owner of two popular Galleria home decor stores, ATAZ and Three Rooms has decided to combine the two. “After 50 years in retail, I was ready to retire,” retailer Patty Burrets said in a statement Wednesday. “But
then the idea of uniting both stores re-ignited the passion that
motivated me years ago. So I’ve landed on a phrase I’ve come to enjoy –
‘semi-retirement’.” Say goodbye to Three Rooms as you know it – the store will close at 5 p.m. Friday, April 23 for remodeling and will reopen in its current location on May 20. ATAZ will remain open through May 28. In the newly worked space, Burrets plans to focus more on local artists while continuing to spotlight the contemporary design that has always distinguished the store. 

Peep of spring

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Peeptoeboot Schedule that pedicure a bit earlier this year – peep toe boots are big for spring. Anything's possible after the shoe-bootie, right? And while the peep toe boot seems destined for a short season between slushy streets and oppressive heat, it is the ultimate in transitional wardrobing, for those frustrating weeks when nothing looks quite right. This one, in a grayish-tan suede by Bettye Muller, is now on the shelves at Pumpz & Company at the Galleria in Edina. (Warning: it's $525. The trend's got to start somewhere.) 

What I found at Galleria before 8 a.m.

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

IMG_0186 Nothing like a little early morning gift buying competition for Fox 9 News to get the shopping started before sunrise. Found some really festive gifts at ATAZ like a set of Santa and Rudolph plates for $36 and mini silver ornaments in a green box stamped with Fa La La (it's all about the packaging). If you need hostess gifts, dash to Crate & Barrel for for mini Santa bags filled with rice krispie treats or chocolate – $9.95 or $11.95. StyledLife has value priced gifts already wrapped and good to go – I fell for the patent leather gloves, just $38. And if you know a fur lover, they've got these cool mini fox and minks under $50 that you could wrap around a wrist or neck. Ampersand's Apothecary is stocked with $50 under 50. And I'm feeling the magic of the season (or, better about a bad hair day) in this fur trimmed $90 cap from Len Druskin. Shop on!

Shopping with a CK model

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Willdefielck Calvin Klein model Will Defiel has lived in Minnesota his entire life, but he had never shopped at the Galleria. A Galleria virgin! Until Saturday, when I deflowered him. The Edina shopping center was a bit ritzy for his H&M taste, but he seemed to take right to it as store owners tripped over themselves to give him stuff – discounts, good service, a free shirt and tie. Good to be a model. Read more about Will's escapades with Calvin Klein, and the Galleria in the St. Paul Pioneer Press - soon.Willdefiel

Hammer time at Galleria

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Just got word: local designer Jason Hammerberg will open a custom shirt shop for men at the Galleria in Edina called Hammer Made (I like it – has a stronger ring than the label he's been designing under, Humble Fashion). The store is scheduled to open the first week of December in the old InVision spot. Hammerberg, who got his start with Kuhlman, plans to concentrate on shirts and offer finishing touches like cufflinks and socks. More details to come – I get a sneak peek next week.

What Calista and I have in common

Friday, November 13th, 2009


Calistaglasses Never thought of myself as having much in common with Calista Flockhart (I'm not even much of a Harrison Ford fan), but it turns out the "Brothers & Sisters" star and I share an affinity for the same specs. Robertmarcglasses Eyeglasses designer Robert Marc told me so himself today when he made an appearance at InVision at the Galleria in Edina to promote his high-fashion line of glasses, worn by virtually every four-eyed celeb you can name: Katie Couric, Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Calista Flockhart. I brought Robert four models to fit in frames for a story that will run in  the St. Paul Pioneer Press. But after, I couldn't resist asking his opinion on my own plastic frames..which I thought I liked, until he told me they were too straight across the top. "I don't know why I keep thinking Calista with you," he said, presenting me with three modified cat eye plastic frames – all worn by Flockhart in various scenes on "Brothers & Sisters." "Serious, but soft," he declared. Our favorites sell for $475. Wish I had the ABC wardrobe department to pay for mine. Here I am, dreaming, in Calista's frames. Keep in mind she had hair and makeup. And Rob Lowe.

Confirmed: Louis Vuitton at Galleria

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The rumors have been swirling for more than a year and finally, it is confirmed: Louis Vuitton will open a store at the Galleria in Edina in spring 2010. (No word yet on what, if anything, this means for LV's downtown boutique within Macy's.) The Twin Cities loves it some LV – this has always been a strong market for the designer brand – and one of the few the picky, logo-sensitive Galleria has been after for a long time. Quite a coup!

Shopping with Zang Toi

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

 Got to roam around the Galleria in Edina last week with fashion designer Zang Toi – you might know him from "Real Housewives of New York City," if not from the $8,000 dress department at Nordstrom. Celebs worship his work so much, they actually pay for it: Sharon Stone has the $6,000 cashmere and wool hand stitched wrap in 10 colors. Zang was in town for three days to do a trunk show and a party with his good friend Kevin Quinn of StyledLife. (He went home to NYC for the weekend and returned again on Monday for an appearance at Nordstrom Mall of America – talk about sharing some love with the little apple!) Now, I've shopped with picky, privileged characters, but Zang was a whole new level of elite: he really buys nothing off the rack. Except at Hermes. His life is entirely customized, from his gym shorts (velvet) to his phone, lip balm and house key (all silver). He was totally game to walk the mall and browse…just entirely uninterested. The line of the day: "It's fine for other people – not for Zang Toi." But he says it with such an infectious laugh, you can't help but be charmed. After I picked my chin up off the floor when he told me he'd never been to Target (should have marched him across the street on the spot), I asked Zang how and where he gets his basic, household stuff – toilet paper, tin foil. He had no idea. That's what assistants are for. But there's no assistant manning his Facebook page. Zang has recently discovered social networking and despite his caviar taste in life, online, he's willing to slum it with the masses. Read all about our visit to Len Druskin and beyond in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Sunday, Nov. 1.

Styled insights

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I got a sneak peek of the new StyledLife at the Galleria in Edina and was most impressed – not just by the dynamic space, but the thought that went into planning every last detail down to the juxtaposed glass panels to suggest both a masculine and feminine aesthetic. Owner Kevin Quinn has put everything into this gorgeous new store and it shows. Beyond the superhero-sized door and cool, clean ambiance are a lot of insightful decisions sure to make a big difference without the average customer having the faintest idea. Some SL secrets:

  • Two doors. If you miss – or are intimidated by – the enormous main entrance, there's another way in just a few feet away. The Galleria resisted, but Quinn convinced them it would make a difference. So many people look, hesitate, but keep walking, he observed in his old space. "I honestly believe I could have made hundreds more sales if I had a second point of entry." Now, he'll find out.
  • Commerce Free Zone. He could have filled this space with $50,000 worth of designer bags. Instead, Quinn made the conscious decision to devote prime floor space to an inspiration wall. There's a bulletin board of cool designs, a statement about the store, information about charitable giving and the element sure to garner the most attention: a desk where visitors are invited to write down their "fashion fears." Best one each month is worth a $50 store gift card. Brilliant.
  • Branding. Lots of stores sell accessories. Not a lot of independent accessories stores specialize in designer brands. To make the distinction clear, the big names – Valentino, Pucci, Missoni – will be tastefully identified along the wall. Not only to let you know the store has them, but to make shopping easy for the luxury customer who knows what she wants and doesn't want to be bothered.
  • The reality shelf. We love the look, but not all of us can afford it. SL offers some less expensive (still not cheap) options, but you won't find them side to side with the designer goods. When Quinn tried placing designer scarf next to less expensive scarf, the pricey one didn't sell. Even a customer willing and able to drop $350 is going to have second thoughts when confronted with the $100 option. So the "fashion" alternatives will have their own section further back in the store.
  • The $68 necklace. SL didn't have these when it opened three years ago. But times have changed and so has the customer's mindset. The $68 price point is one Quinn finds most shoppers see as accessible. It's an amount you might spend on a whim. Knowing those items are there puts customers at ease about the more expensive goods they are then more likely to buy.
  •  The $38 and $48 sunglasses. You'd expect a store selling $1,200 handbags to offer equally luxurious shades. Nope. There are plenty of places to get those. And Quinn knows his customer is making choices. Splurge on the bag; go budget friendly on the glasses. His have the designer look without the price since they are manufactured in the same factory that makes Prada.
  • The three-way. Mirror, that is. It didn't dawn on Quinn he'd need one of these in a store that doesn't sell clothes, but a woman wants the full view, even when considering a bag, a scarf, a belt. Now she'll have it.
  • StyledGift. This is a new category that Quinn finally has space to introduce, but he's doing it in a very disciplined way. You'll only find gifts that tie back to fashion, like a purse hanger or pretty compact.
  • The front desk. It took a lot of convincing for this one to fly at the notoriously strict Galleria, but Quinn is a firm believer in having staff positioned where they can greet every customer – without getting in their face.
  • StyledLook. At the back of the store is a generous space for the other critical piece of Quinn's business: wardrobe consulting. It's quiet and can be closed off. Here, Quinn and his associates will work one on one with women who want help getting their life and look, well, styled. Take advantage of the free 30-minute session.

New store for StyledLife

Monday, September 28th, 2009

StyledLife has announced the opening date for its new store at the Galleria: Friday, Oct. 9. Finally – more space for the jewelry, bags, belts and scarves to really shine, and room for new categories, like leggings. Can't wait to see it!

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