The scene in downtown St. Paul could only have been one of two things: a stripper convention or a Lady Gaga concert. I was prepared for costumes (heck, I was there to report on it), but shocked by the number of girls not wearing pants. I felt so overdressed! And old, because as I asked 22-year-olds about their fashion choice of corsets, fishnets and combat boots, I found myself wondering what their mothers would think. And it wasn’t just the ladies – my favorite interview of the night was Jesse Wetzel (pictured) in vinyl hot pants, a cropped vest and a whole lot of mesh. His most surprising accessory: a wife! Read all about it in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. More impressive than the Diet Coke can hairdos and “caution” tape tube tops was the devotion of Gaga’s “little monsters.” They love her for being “different” and “not caring what people think.” Of course, they express that by copying her – an irony that is not lost on Lady Gaga. “Don’t leave here loving me more – I’m not going anywhere,” the pop star told the sold out crowd at Xcel Energy Center. “Love yourself more.” And while you’re at it, put on some pants.