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Indies vs Forever 21

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Feral Childe teepee print, top; Forever 21 bottom

Forever 21 is no stranger to lawsuits. The fast fashion chain has been sued many times, and accused many more, for lifting designs from other brands – often powerhouses like Diane von Furstenberg and Anna Sui. We act outraged, and then get back to shopping – it’s just so darn cheap and current, right? Maybe not this time. Indie brand Feral Child is the latest to sue Forever 21 for copyright infringement over a textile design, and they’ve got the backing of, which targets fashion labels for irresponsible practices. More than 2,500 have signed a petition calling for Forever 21 to pull any remaining Feral Child-like print clothing from its shelves. It may seem like small potatoes, but this case seems to have touched a nerve – and could perhaps make young shoppers think twice about the origins clothes they buy. It’s never cool to bully the little guy. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved