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The Gray Season

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Harmonie cardigan at Hot Mama, $88

Every season has its color, but never has its seemed more pervasive than this year’s gray. As neutrals go, I love the gray. It’s rich. It’s flattering. It’s not brown. But once you’ve got the gray leggings, the gray jeans, the gray trousers, the gray chunky knit, the long cardi in gray, the short cardi in gray and, oh yes, the gray bag – how much more does a girl need? I’ve been walking out of stores empty handed lately, despite feeling antsy about my wardrobe, because it all feels so much the same. The styles, too, fell so uniform: the open cardigans and long knits – they’re everywhere.

Dex knit at Covered, $110

I was chatting with Thao Bui about the grayness of it all at her newly expanded Parc Boutique in Northeast Minneapolis and she agreed, but said, gray and black sell. Over and over and over. And when she does sell a bright alternative, she says her shoppers tend to return remorseful, wishing they’d purchased the dark version instead.

So perhaps its our own insecurities we’re seeing reflected back from the store racks this year. Sure enough: I left Parc with two new sweaters and a dress – all gray and black. I do pledge to pop ‘em with bright tights and camis and belts and bags.

The modern way to wear leg warmers (really)

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

It’s one thing to write about fashion, quite another to have a knack for mixing it all up. I was wowed by the ensembles stylist Allison Werthmann-Radnich put together at today’s fall fashion shoot for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. She is seriously passionate about fashion (don’t mess with her vision for Balengiaga paired with not one but two pair of vintage gloves), but understands what real women want, and how to make them look their very best. Watch as she finds a creative use for leg warmers that won’t have you looking like you’re headed to a Flashdance reunion party. See the fall fashion section in the newspaper on Sept. 26.

Floating heels hit the suburbs

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Floatingheel You've seen them in magazines and probably figured the preposterous
heel-less heel would never make it off the pages. But StyledLife associate Allison Werthmann-Radnich rocked Fendi's floating heels for a
fashion seminar at the Galleria yesterday…and didn't stumble even
once. Floatingheel2 She paid just $80 for them at designer resale boutique June and rounded out the look with a $10 dress from The Clearance Rack at 35th and Nicollet in Minneapolis layered over long and short sleeve tops and French Connection Liquid Leather pants from Macy's. You've got to admire the effort – and the fact that she stood on her tiptoes in those shoes all day long.

Behind the fall fashion shoot

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Great idea, colleagues exclaimed when they saw that we mixed consignment and clearance clothing in with new arrivals for the St. Paul Pioneer Press fall fashion section. It did work out amazingly well and was the perfect way to balance our desire to update and wear designer pieces at a time when buying them full price still seems gratuitous. But here's a little secret: I didn't really set out to mix old with new. It happened when the new stylist I hired, Jane Belfry, indulged her penchant for vintage by pulling clothes from June and gh2 despite my sending her out with a shopping list of new fall trends. I'll be honest: at first I was freaked. I've got one day to get this mammoth shoot completed. The models, the hair and makeup team the photographer were all set to go, and I had a rack of not-so-new clothes. But forget about the red marks on the price tags – there were some amazing pieces – Lanvin; Jean Paul Gaultier – everything looked perfectly modern and now…even if it wasn't. So who cares what the tag says? I know we're lucky to have designer resale shops like June and gh2 in town, but seeing some of the amazing buys really told me I need to look beyond the new arrivals when shopping for fall – or any season. See for yourself. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved