A girl’s got to multi-task. So on a recent Sunday morning, I took my 2-year-old along to Fairy Godmother (yes I really do visit every store I write about). The owner had encouraged me to stop by. She mentioned the 5-foot-tall statue of Mother Mary, the books on spirituality and menopause, the greeting cards and the famous Tingle Department. I was intrigued, and only the tiniest bit concerned that I could get arrested for bringing my child to a place like this. My concerns were alleviated even before we entered, by the plastic frog toys on the $1 table just outside the store. How very G-rated! Inside, the manager immediately pulled out a basket of puzzles and toys to occupy the child while I took a peek inside the Tingle Department, which does indeed live up to its name. (Any toy you ever heard mentioned on "Sex and the City," they sell it here.) Of course this shop is run by women — who know how to mix spirituality and sexuality in a tasteful, even family-friendly way. Across the street, Better Than Ever is also doing its part to accommodate moms. The back of the consignment boutique has a generous children’s play area featuring a kitchen and toy cars. Not something I would have expected. It’s great to see more retailers realizing that a few toys will allow Mommy to actually shop. Just ask my kid.