When I broke the news to my editor yesterday that eq-life is closing its last remaining store on Grand Avenue, she replied: “We already knew that, right?” In our hearts, I told her. The announcement of the planned November closing was made official only this week, but the writing has been on those sparsely merchandised walls for some time. The concept of blending health and technology in a setting that appeals to women was intriguing, but always somewhat confusing to the average shopper. Ipods, feel good books, organic vitamins, lotion and lattes? What is this place – a giant stereotype? Not only was the message a bit vague and condescending, there was no real reason to visit. The atmosphere felt institutional. And everything sold at eq-life could be purchased elsewhere. The company’s future seems to be shops within hospitals, which probably makes more sense. As for the gaping hole the store leaves at the primo corner of Victoria and Grand, my money is on Anthropologie…and another big fight from the chain-hating neighbors.