Picture this: Gorgeous new salon and spa swathed in orchids, throngs of skinny, coiffed blondes in little black dresses sipping cocktails while makeover subjects get dyed, plucked and styled, and former Minnesota Viking Esera Tuaolo belts out ballads over a DJ's microphone. Such was the smashing bash tonight to celebrate the complete remodel of Spalon Montage in Edina. Beautiful space – huge improvement. Lobby straight out of a design magazine. The spa is much bigger. The women's locker room is nicer (though still underwhelming compared to the scale of the facility). Could have taken a nap in the space-age sound massage pedicure chairs – they help to justify the $70 price for a pedicure. And the new Thai Yoga Massage sounds like my kind of yoga: someone else does the poses while I enjoy the massage. (Wonder if I could convince my editors to let me test that service?) I'll leave you with this thought to ponder: are stylists taught in beauty school to be tall, skinny,
smokers in dresses that verge on slutty, or is it just coincidence?