Cos Bar is set to open Friday (Sept. 7) at 50th & France. Last week, I found myself shopping the one in Vail, Colorado (my husband wondered if that meant we could write off our family vacation). The mini-chain, which got its start in Colorado resort towns Vail and Aspen, is supposed to be a sort of luxury Sephora where sales associates don’t work for any one brand, so you can feel more confident they will show you the product that works best for you. I like the idea, but I wasn’t especially impressed by the Vail Cos Bar. It felt cramped and not as posh as I would have expected. Oh sure, the brands were high-end – Laura Mercier, La Mer, and so on – but nothing you couldn’t find elsewhere in town. Frankly, I think Cherie Boutique Francais in Wayzata delivers a much more authentic luxury beauty shopping experience. But, I say this without having seen the Edina Cos Bar. I’ll be there tomorrow – whether my husband likes it or not. Love to hear your impressions.