I've heard from a few independent retailers that have been surprised by the dismal response to various coupon promotions this holiday season. Everyone wants a deal…but not so much that they're willing to carry a flier or an email or a postcard into a store? I carry a zippered pouch in my handbag, stuffed with $10 rewards cards and 25% off vouchers…and still, they don't always make it to the cash register. I forget or I don't have the right card at the right time – all that paper can be a pain. But I certainly don't want to discourage stores from extending deals – especially the ones that reward frequent shoppers, which seems to be the targeted direction retailers are heading. I do find that sometimes mentioning a discount received in the mail or via email or Twitter is enough to get the credit at the counter. But not always. What's the answer? What types of promos work best for you?
(AliShops Holiday Passport holders, you still have two more days to take advantage – don't let those discounts go to waste!)