Since there seems to be no end to our appetite for accessories, women's chain New York & Company wanted in on the action. They've rolled out a new concept, Coco & Lolly, at five malls nationwide including Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka. The intention is to bridge the gap between fast fashion cheapies and designer merchandise. My question: is there really a gap, with accessories so readily available and clothing stores beefing up their selection as well? It comes down to the goods, and the convenience: Coco & Lolly offers classic and trend accessories organized around five "lifestyle zones" (I bet that took a lot of meetings to come up with): workday, date night, weekend, yoga lounge and commuter. Prices are in the $30 to $100 range. Nothing I needed to buy thisminute, but lots of items, like clutch bags, belts and scarves I certainly would wear. The build your own necklace, with charms and chains to choose from struck me as Claire's for grown-ups. The little giftables are a nice touch – boutique-y items you wouldn't expect to find at the mall.