No need to wait until Saturday and battle the crowds: the American Girl store quietly opened early today at Mall of America. It's a two-level shop just off the Rotunda and Nickelodeon Universe, next to QVC. I was a bit disappointed that the store seems to lack the luster of the one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This one is huge, no doubt, but the store itself feels glaringly bright and generic. The merchandise, however, is overwhelming. And expensive. There's a cafe upstairs with a pretty impressive menu. But my favorite can-you-even-believe it feature: the doll "spa." A half dozen adult sales associates were busy at work, combing the hair of various American Girl dolls. Not sure if they realized they were giving makeovers to dolls. But five bucks will give you a chance to find out, and get your doll a new 'do. That's cheaper than the princess makeovers at Club Libby Lu.
Only in America.