I tried – and tried – to make arrangements to go shopping with Cyndi Lauper when she was in town last weekend for Macy’s Glamorama, but I got denied. Time is always tight, I realize. But Lauper’s "people" wouldn’t allow Macy’s to schedule any interviews during her visit. Come on. She’s coming to town to PERFORM. She’s headlining a CHARITY EVENT. She has a NEW ALBUM. And she won’t talk to reporters? Please. I think most of the time, those decisions are made by managers and publicists who want to make themselves seem useful. The star is never even consulted Sure enough, after the show in the VIP suite at the fab after party at Macy’s, Lauper agreed to a sit down with me. She’s really adorable – tiny and with killer legs. Her eyelashes were so thick, I worried she couldn’t see. But she found her way to a chair – her feet were killing in those platform heels. "What are you drinking?" she asked me. Wild and crazy cat that I am, it was straight up water. "That sounds good," she said, and two bottles of FIJI appeared. At first, she started referencing some producers on her new album and the divisions between pop and dance and I worried our discussion was going nowhere fast. I expected to throw her a few fun questions about fashion, the ’80s and hair dye, but instead, she wanted to talk politics, motherhood, gay rights, the upcoming election. Read all about it in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Tuesday, Aug. 19 and online at Cyndi was so cool, so down to earth, I think we’d still be hanging out if publicists and security detail hadn’t been glaring at me to hurry it up. Me? Cyndi was the chatty one!