I was a little disappointed by the merchandising of Kiddywampus at its new location in St. Louis Park. Despite the larger, higher-profile space, it seemed like they actually had less to sell. Mainly, there was more typical arts and crafts supplies than the high-design play and home objects that used to be the focus. But I’ll give them a chance to settle in, and the owner did assure me that not all shipments made it in time for the opening, a common problem in retail.
Besides, any deficiencies on the retail front, Kiddywampus more than makes up for with its improved focus on activity. The art studio has expanded to a cool, lofted space with windows. In addition to classes, there are open studio times so you can drop in without a reservation when your little Picasso is feeling inspired, or you’re about to lose your mind. Plus, they’ve added a play room that can be reserved for groups or play dates with friends – the kids get to explore new toys on neutral turf, and best of all, you don’t have to clean up. Get all the details at Kiddywampus.com.