Wen With the water pelting my back, I diligently pumped the bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner (don't call it shampoo!) 40 times. 
Forty times!
Inventor and QVC star Chaz Dean assured me I'd need that much to cleanse and moisturize my thick, dry hair. I told him I'd go broke, if I didn't get carpal tunnel syndrome first. But I followed instructions and worked that huge handful of creamy fig scented stuff into my mane. It felt and smelled like pureed fruit being dumped on my head (more a parenting reality than beauty technique in my world). WEN does not lather, because Dean says lathering agents include harsh chemicals that damage hair. But I had no trouble working it in and didn't mind the new sensation. After rinsing, my hair felt heavier – it hung neatly, without frizzies or snarls. When I dried it, I must say: it was the shiniest and softest I've ever felt. I can't think of another product – and I try lots – that made such a noticeable difference. The question is, was it a good difference. I'm no master stylist (as has been well-documented in this blog), but the softness seemed to make my hair look overwhelmingly fluffy rather than piece-y (my ultimate goal). Dean says the more I use the product, the better my hair will get (he's big on quantity, and at $28 per bottle). I'm curious enough to stick with it – at least until this bottle runs out.
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