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Darling Niki

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Just met up with supermodel and “Celebrity Apprentice” cast member Niki Taylor on the plaza outside Minneapolis City Hall. She arrived via RV to deliver a $1,000 check from Reader’s Digest – the 73 stop on her 100 city “We Hear You America” tour to help out various civic projects- in this case, free city-wide WiFi. We managed to cover quite a lot of ground in just a few minutes (video coming soon). Until then, four fun facts about Niki:

1.  She is totally inked. I kid you not – tatoos all over her body – ankles, hands, and even a full sleeve on her right forearm that she’s currently in the process of having removed (“Sooo painful,” she says of the laser removal treatment). “What were you thinking when you got that?” I asked. “Exactly,” she said.

2.  She relies on a professional hair/makeup team in each city she visits, but dresses herself. And that’s why the sheer black nylons she was wearing had a big snag on her foot. Unable to cover it up, she pointed it out when she took off her Proenza Schouler pump to show me what brand she was wearing (cream blouse by Equipment; black pencil skirt by J.Crew).

3. She loves Star Jones. “I texted her just two days ago,” she say, and had nothing but nice things to say about her, even when pushed. Most she’ll offer when asked about her on “Celebrity Apprentice” is “that’s just for TV.”

4. She really respects Donald Trump, and said was too awed by his business acumen to even notice his hair. If he runs for president, Niki says, “He has my vote.”

Say what you will about her face, Joan Rivers is a hard working broad. She lost her voice during the publicity blitz for her books/jewelry/Celebrity Apprentice, which brought her to the Twin Cities Saturday, but she still called in to my radio show, Shop Girls, right on schedule and squeaked out a solid 10 minutes on the wonders of plastic surgery ("it can make you look gorgeous"), her jewelry for QVC ("I put on three necklaces this morning and asked everyone which one to take off. I ended up wearing them all") and the red carpet, where she's been replaced by Lisa Rinna, a face nearly as pulled and plumped as her own. She took credit for pioneering the red carpet interview (true, come to think of it) and declared the current state of awards pre-shows boring, boring, boring. No one makes mistakes; everything is too controlled. She swears she didn't even watch the Oscar's pre-show this year. But she did know enough to blast Mickey Rourke – both the clothes and the surgically altered face.
The "Everything Joan" jewelry boutique will be on display at the Mall of America QVC store through March. What keeps her working, other than paying for all that surgery? She said: "I love style and fashion more than life itself!" | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved