Just got off the phone with hair god Oribe (think Jennifer Lopez and every super model and movie star. Ever.) who made me feel better about my lifelong bad hair day by telling me that Kate Winslet can't do much with her own hair. Cameron Diaz, however, can. The bitch. I'll have his candid comments on Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson and others in the Pioneer Press next week. But I just have to share this one now: Kate Gosselin. All he knows about embattled "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star is "someone had an affair." But the hair? He likes it! "These days, it's all about being a character. Sexy in the front; crazy in the back. It suits her."
Oribe's new product line will be available at Spalon Montage in June.


I was surprisingly amused by MC Hammer’s performance at Glamorama. He’s aged well – looks buff (thanks to daily workouts, vitamins and fish oil), still has the stage presence, the humor and the dance moves. But, um, I’m not expecting an invite to join the entourage. My "reporter" title seemed to put the Hammer on edge when we spoke after the show. Or was it my reference to the VH1 special about his dramatic fall from fame and fortune? Come on, I’m a reporter – I had to ask. "Only reporters like to talk about rise and fall," Hammer retorted. "The kids, you say ‘Hammer time,’ and they dance." And yes, he’s quite proud of Cameron Diaz’s "U Can’t Touch This" dance scene in "Charlie’s Angels." Oh, and take it from Hammer – who performed in loose white linen pants and donned designer denim for the rehearsal and after party: parachute pants are making a comeback.