I had to ask. Interviewing Sarah Silverman's sister, author Jodyne Speyer, about her book "Dump 'Em: How to Break Up with Anyone from your Best Friend to your Hairdresser," I addressed what I thought was the obvious question: Did Silverman read the book before dumping longtime beau Jimmy Kimmel?
"No other reporter has asked me that!" Speyer said during our chat on Shop Girls on FM107.1. She added that the breakup happened before Silverman had read the book. "It's hard to have a public relationship," Speyer said. "It's not fun living in L.A." It can also be tough being "Sarah Silverman's sister" – especially when you're trying to promote your own book. Speyer says cameras follow Silverman everywhere. "She plays it up – she's too nice." I suggested Speyer hold a copy of her book when lunching with her sister – could be the most direct path to the pages of People.
As for Kimmel, Speyer has nothing but kind words. "There are four daughters in our family, but we always say that my dad's favorite daughter is Jimmy. We're holding a space. Maybe there's a future there."