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Bitten? Not even a nibble, thanks

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Steve & Barry’s is desperately trying to capitalize on the "Sex and the City" movie frenzy by launching its own SATC t-shirt collection and new pieces for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line, which is exclusive to the retailer (all items priced at $9.98 or less). Since the initial Bitten blitz when I immediately bought three t-shirts and a hoodie – all of which I still wear – I’ve only stopped by Steve & Barry a couple of times and I’ve never felt compelled to buy more. My most recent visit this week was no exception. Bitten, which showed a flash of potential to do stylish pieces at unbelievably low prices, has become nothing more than cheap basics – khakis and t-shirts in solid colors and unsexy cuts. While the first group had some pieces that you could perhaps imagine SJP donning – at least for pr purposes – there’s nothing there now. No big surprise that the televised clips of SJP that play over and over in the store show her in a t-shirt from the original Bitten collection. I know, because I have the same one. One gets the impression that was the first and last time Ms. Parker took a look what Steve & Barry’s was actually doing. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved