The fashion show I hosted at Oakridge Country Club yesterday focused, refreshingly, on dressing for your age, not the trends. Sure, there are some general rules…the above-the-knee sundress and slinky maxi dress would have looked silly on the 73 year old model, Arlene. Aisha at Belle Reve had planned to dress our "senior" in a long sleeve top…until she got a look at her arms and decided to play them up. It's all about knowing your assets at any age. Arlene rocked it – from head to toe. She arrived with her short hair in a standard, coiffed gray-hair 'do: blow dried and curled. Pamela Cruz (looove her) from Bella salon in Edina decided to shake things up by straightening Arlene's hair and styling it seductively over her eyes. You're never too old to rock a blow-out! With short hair, Pamela says now is the time to try it straight. But the stick-straight thing looks very tired on longer hair. Go for loose waves and more volume, she said. I'm trying!