What would you pay to be able to do your own hair or makeup like the pros? How about, say, $178.99 for the year? At a splashy Chambers Hotel launch party, I got the hard sell today for BeautyVT.com, a brand new subscription website featuring dozens of step-by-step video tutorials on everything from choosing the right brush to doing your own blow-out to tweezing your own eyebrows. Love the idea; skeptical that people will pay – we expect online content to be free. Aveda stylist and co-founder Jon Reyman encouraged me to watch the "Flat Wrap" how-to (interpretation: frizzy hair day) and I've got to say, it broke down the process in such a way that I felt like I might – might – be able to triumph. Now, moving my laptop to the bathroom vanity so I can really find out. I'll report back!