I’m a makeup moron. I’d never even bothered with eyeshadow until I interviewed Sonia Kashuk for the Pioneer Press when her line debuted at Target. She handed me Aubergine and suggested I use some. Immediately. So I did, and still do. But on any given day, there’s a fairly decent chance my eyeliner will take a detour toward an eyebrow and my mascara will clump or seem altogether invisible. So it is not very often that I dare to dispense beauty advice. Yet a few products I’ve discovered recently seem to actually work, which is so unexpected, I feel I must share.

The Body Shop Matte It Face & Lips, $12.50. I’m shiny. No, not my personality — my big forehead. I’ve tried patting it with powders both expensive and cheap and nothing makes much difference. But this clear gel really seems to take away some of the shine. (While leaving my demeanor in tact.)

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer, $38. I’m not into foundation. But it’s nice to, as the experts say, "even things out." This creamy lotion does just that — without the cakey, unnatural finish I abhor. The makeup artist who convinced me to give it a try applied the stuff with a brush — dabbing on the thinnest of layers. It’s expensive and a bit high maintenance, so I save it for select lunch dates.(Come dinner time, I find it easier to pick a dimly lit spot where blotchiness can’t be detected.)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, $32. So here’s what happened. The day of my brother’s wedding in Chicago, I ran to Bloomingdale’s and begged the first person I could find to make my face look presentable. Lucky for me (perhaps less so for my wallet), that person worked for Bobbi Brown. Until then, I’d been more of a MAC girl. But this concealer really does work wonders. Especially after a late night of blogging.