Post-Christmas sale shoppers are a calmer, quieter bunch than the crowd that hits the malls on Black Friday. These folks live by a simple credo: gift wrap and holiday decor should never be purchased for less than 50 percent off. I joined the diehards before sunrise the day after Christmas at Kohl’s, Herberger’s, JC Penney and Macy’s. Herberger’s at Rosedale was by far the busiest  (my, those Herberger’s shoppers are devoted) – thanks to coupons in the paper and some 60 to 70 percent off deals. Now, we’re talking. But overall, the line at Caribou Coffee was longer than at any store. There definitely are deals to be had right now — especially if you could use a sweater or some boots (no, not the Uggs — those are still full price). Just don’t expect the discounts to be a whole lot better than they were before Christmas. And if you thought you could sleep in and still score some cheap gift wrap, you’re probably right. But you might have to settle for that unfortunate gold.