Baby Elephant Ears have been sitting on my desk for weeks. It’s a Minnesota company, created by an enterprising mom with a great personal story – three big selling points when I’m looking for Cool Products to feature for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. But I can’t bring myself to declare this one “cool,” because, well, I think it’s sort of silly. The Elephant Ears, $21.95, are pillows intended to keep baby’s head, neck and spine aligned in the stroller, swing or car seat. Alicia Overby created the pillow after talking to a chiropractor about her infant son Finn’s apparent discomfort, which the chiropractor said was due to a sore neck. Now, I do recall worrying my firstborn’s neck would snap when his head dropped to his lap in the stroller. I made various attempts, in vain, to prop him up. But I quickly learned how resiliant babies are – and how adept they are at sleeping in a wide variety of contorted positions that appear ridiculously uncomfortable to adults. So while I think this pillow is cute enough – provided it is kept out of the crib, of course – I can’t help but relegate it to that category of baby goods that play to anxious parents rather than infant needs. What do you think? Tell me I’m wrong -that Elephant Ears are a smart invention – and I’ll make it a Cool Product Alert in the coming weeks.