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MOA gets more than American Girls

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

If you're not a girl who loves dolls, you might want to stay far, far away from theMall of America rotunda on Saturday, when American Girl opens its flagship store. It's going to be big. Very big. But there are some other noteworthy openings at MOA in the coming weeks: Columbia opens its first company store outside of headquarters in Portland on Nov. 21 (why, you ask, when you can buy a Columbia jacket virtually anywhere? Advertising). Also opening next week: NikeStore, American Apparel and True Religion. Not bad, MOA.

Scary mannequins

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

At first, I was simply proud that my 3-year-old knows the word "mannequin." Then it became clear that we had a problem.

Suddenly, my faithful shopping companion is developing shopping fears, and they have nothing to do with anything rational, like being watched in the fitting room or store mirrors that disguise fat so you mistakenly think you look good in those jeans. Suddenly, my child fears mannequins. To the point that he couldn’t eat lunch at Macy’s Marketplace – an entire floor away from the nearest headless plastic figure. What’s so scary?

He cowered behind my leg during our entire visit to American Apparel (oh yea, it’s open in Uptown, and I’m not so impressed). He zeroed in on the one mannequin at Duetta when we stopped by the new South Minneapolis shop. I’ve tried telling him mannequins are just pretend, like toys or stuffed animals. That they are nothing more than hangers to show clothes. That they can’t hurt him. (I suppose they could, if he pulled one down on him, but since he’ll no longer step anywhere near a mannequin, that seems an unnecessary scenario to broach at this sensitive juncture.)

There’s no chapter on this particular issue in my parenting books.

So, I’ve become adept at holding bags and the now hefty child while browsing. I can take notes at the same time. Call me insensitive, but it’s my job. So I tell him to power through the fear. Mama’s got to shop.

Finally, American Apparel is coming!

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Often it seems like Minneapolis is the neglected stepchild, frantically waving to national retailers. Look at us! Look at us! Chicago isn’t the only city in the Midwest! We need you too! Eventually, they hear us and try to make up for lost time. And they’re always amazed by how polite, well dressed and enthusiastic we really are. So I have no doubt American Apparel  will be extremely well received when it finally opens its first Twin Cities shop later this summer in Uptown. Why should you be excited? American Apparel knows how to do basics. It picked up where Gap went astray and stays true to its mission of affordable, quality cotton clothes — t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, intimates, even casual dresses — the sort of stuff you’ll live in. So hooray! It’s always nice to get noticed, even if it does seem to take an awfully long time. | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved