Well whaddya know – Jimmy’Z is still in business! I wrote about the store in the St. Paul Pioneer Press when it first opened at MOA (second level, north side) a couple of years ago – the plasma TVs on every fitting room were more interesting than the American Eagle-ish clothes. But I happened by today (good to veer off the usual route now and again) and was fairly impressed with the on-trend apparel – tunic tops, halter dresses – at reasonable prices. Jimmy’Z is the big sib to Aeropostale with a California vibe. For teens, it’s a good alternative to Abercrombie and the like for graphic tees and jeans that look just a little bit different from everybody else’s. And for grown-up girls like myself, it’s worth a peek for the occasional fashion top or dress at a reasonable price. On the sale rack today were simple short sleeve, v-neck knit dresses, perfect for the office or frolicking around town – just $50, and 30 percent off. I’ll have to walk this way more often.