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Archive for January 3rd, 2012

Accidental Barista

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I am not a coffee drinker. Too bitter, too hot. For years, I started my morning with water or a splash of juice. I ordered steamed milk with almond flavor when forced to meet at coffee shops. Then my 30s happened. Kids. Career. Second career. I began to crave 12 ounces of  comfort and caffeination to kick start my day.

I like a non-fat vanilla latte. I don’t like the price.

No, I can’t learn to like plain coffee. I’ve tried. I didn’t even replace the coffee maker we got as a wedding gift when I dropped it on the floor a few years ago. What’s the point? I’ve looked at machines that would make me a fancy drink, but they seemed, well, fancy–too expensive and too complicated for my amateur taste. I don’t grind beans.

Over the holidays, my parents surprised me with a Mr. Coffee latte maker. It’s possible I’m more excited about it than my new iPad. Ground coffee (or espresso — although I still haven’t figured out where to buy ground espresso), water, milk and a splash of vanilla. It brews! It froths! My perfect latte is ready in two minutes. Even my relatives (coffee drinkers, the lot of ‘em) were impressed.

And in a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to justify a new sweater with the money I’ve saved. Cheers.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte, $99, Bed, Bath & Beyond

New Year, New Jeans

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
You’ve got new goals, a new outlook and extra space in your clean closet (resolution 2012?). Now you need a new pair of jeans for a new year. Here are a couple of new lines you will want to wear next.
Mother Denim is a new luxury line from former execs at Citizens of Humanity and 7 For All Mankind. They’re going for classic appeal: The silhouette is high waisted, the colors are vivid, and the fabric is soft as cashmere. $170-$220, Grethen House, 4930 France Avenue, Edina

Mother Denim

Bluelab reversible denim gives you two looks for the price of one. One side has that of-the-moment glossy finish; the other is more traditional. Available in a variety of color combos. $215, Stephanie’s, 758 Cleveland Ave. S.,  St. Paul

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