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Zelaz is Closing

December 22nd, 2011
by Allison Kaplan

I’m hoping there won’t be as many store closings to report as this year draws to a close compared to the last couple years, but this one was long in coming: Zelaz, the teen/tween retailer has decided to call it quits in Excelsior.  Janet Polach, mother of a teen daughter, opened her store just before the market crashed in 2008. Her concept was a good one: clothes trendy enough to please young girls, but modest enough to win mom approval. She tried several locations, different types of merchandise and a whole lot of community outreach, but it just wasn’t enough. It’s hard enough to get women to small stores; mall-loving teens are an even tougher sell. And she just never had the money to fully see the vision through.

Polach issued this statement:

“It’s been a fascinating, challenging and rewarding ride these last three and a half years.  We love our Excelsior location, and while each month is a little better than the last, it’s not enough to meet the debt we acquired early on AND our ongoing monthly expenses.  A frustrating situation as nearly everyone who comes in the store raves about our unusual selection, quality and reasonable pricing.”

Think you could do it better? Polach is open to the idea of selling the trademarked Zelaz name and e-commerce site. Meanwhile, a closing sale is on now. Save 30 percent storewide. 287 Water St.,  Excelsior, 952-920-1044

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  1. [...] I hope Water Street powers through the freeze. Across the street from Cynthia Rae, tween retailer Zelaz is about to close. And judging by the pre-Christmas sale and empty back half of the store, I wouldn’t be at all [...]

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