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Archive for August 15th, 2011

Indies vs Forever 21

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Feral Childe teepee print, top; Forever 21 bottom

Forever 21 is no stranger to lawsuits. The fast fashion chain has been sued many times, and accused many more, for lifting designs from other brands – often powerhouses like Diane von Furstenberg and Anna Sui. We act outraged, and then get back to shopping – it’s just so darn cheap and current, right? Maybe not this time. Indie brand Feral Child is the latest to sue Forever 21 for copyright infringement over a textile design, and they’ve got the backing of, which targets fashion labels for irresponsible practices. More than 2,500 have signed a petition calling for Forever 21 to pull any remaining Feral Child-like print clothing from its shelves. It may seem like small potatoes, but this case seems to have touched a nerve – and could perhaps make young shoppers think twice about the origins clothes they buy. It’s never cool to bully the little guy.

Guys Who Groom Together…

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Even more surprising than happening upon new men’s salon Gent at Victoria’s Crossing in St. Paul on Saturday: the place was hopping. One guy practiced on the putting green out front while a group of groomsmen sipped mimosas and watched sports highlights on the flatscreen. They were waiting for wedding day straight razor shaves.

The owner’s story is a familiar one: Local guy, unsatisfied with discount barber shops, but uncomfortable in girly salons. He’s created an upscale, masculine setting with haircuts starting at $29 (gray “blending” starts at $35). The staff includes both barbers and stylists. The salon is stocked with man toys: drinks, iPads, TVs.

Seems like a great idea, yet similar concepts for men have failed. One of the main Twin Cities competitors at the moment, Raze – with two west metro locations, is backed by behemoth Regis Corp.

Still, Gent has a great vibe. I like the decision to place it on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, where shoppers embrace local and men often get short shrift. What could give Gent that extra edge is retail. The front of the shop features cuff links and Leatherman tools. Grooming lines include Jack Black and Joe. Nothing too fancy or fussy – just cool stuff for men who care. Yes, guys, it’s cool to care. 867 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-797-4294 | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved