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Another Twin Cities Hot Mama

May 19th, 2011
by Allison Kaplan

Hot Mama is hitting Woodbury. The fast growing Edina-based chain (yep, I think it’s officially time to call it a chain) will open its eighth Twin Cities store – fifth new location this year – at Woodbury Lakes. In six years, Hot Mama has grown to 19 stores in seven states – with three under construction and plans to open another 18 stores in the next two years. The magical formula: casual contemporary clothing and premium denim for moms in a manageable boutique setting.

Hot Mama now employs 250. Even as it becomes a national retailer, it hasn’t become sterile. The focus seems sharper than ever. From Wayzata to West End to Edina, I’ve been impressed recently by the appealing mix of basics and trend pieces at reasonable price points. But what makes it memorable is the attentive service – both getting me what I want, and watching my kid so I can actually try it on. I’ve never known Hot Mama to run out of animal crackers.

In a recent survey, Hot Mama found that half its customers were in their 30s and 40 percent were 40 or older. Founder Megan Tamte is her own best customer: “I need clothes that are quick and easy to wear, that can take me from a board meeting to my son’s baseball game, to a date night with my husband.”

So simple, really. Why didn’t we think of it?

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