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Archive for April 15th, 2011

A Month at the Mall

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Scott, the Human Do.Ing, wraps up his month of living on display at Mall of America this Saturday. His stay in a glass apartment on the first level near Tucci Benucch and Urban Outfitters was sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield to promote healthy living. Though he’s been sleeping between an ice cream stand and a cookie store, Scott has concentrated on eating salads and getting into shape. But here’s what you really want to know about surviving a sold month inside the nation’s largest mall:

Where did you do most of your shopping? Nike and Nordstrom Rack

Best purchase? Livestrong Nike running/walking shoes. So comfortable.
Most surprising discovery about the MOA? How absolutely massive it is. I never get bored, and I have been walking here a month. Also, how beautiful the sunrise is coming through the glass roof over looking Nickelodeon Universe.

What is the mall like after hours? Actually very quiet. You hear a few motorized carts buzzing around and an occasional “beep” of a lift going up or backing up. Its the craziest thing, I actually sleep pretty sound.

Any healthy food discoveries at the mall? I found that most places can do something healthy if you know how to ask. Chipotle is great; Napa Valley Grille and Tucci Benucch were ready to please me. Just by asking to have something steamed or grilled, all were happy to accommodate my special request.

Favorite way to exercise at the MOA? Hands down, WALKING!  Yoga at Lululemon is a pretty close second.

Best time for people watching at the mall? Lunch time. And the weekends!

Most memorable mall encounter? Hearing the stories of some of the Mall Stars, a group of seniors who walk in the mall each morning. We exchange hellos every morning, they all know my name.  I was  invited to an 8 a.m. birthday party for Winnie, 93 years old. We shared a piece of her chocolate birthday cake.  She was so sweet, and still up and walking around. That is what I want to be doing at 93.

Purchase spotted most often? I know that American Girl is very popular, and I am next to the Nestle Toll House cookie display and Kemps ice cream store on the other side, so, tons of cookies and big ice cream cones, which, about 1 in 10 hit the floor if the child is 4 or younger. And yes, the 10 second rule applies on a $4 ice cream cone! | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved