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Archive for February 23rd, 2011

Catching Up with Evan Lysacek

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Bumped into my shopping buddy, Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars finalist Evan Lysacek at Kare11 Today. It was Evan, me and an armadillo on the show (click here for my designer discount shopping segment). Evan was in town to promote the 2011 Smuckers Stars on Ice tour, which will bring him to the Xcel Energy Center March 13. A couple of years ago when he was in town for the same tour, we hit Len Druskin Man, where I didn’t exactly have to twist Evan’s arm to get him to model skinny jeans. So of course I took note of his outfit in the green room: polar fleece (that he swapped after the TV shoot for a puffy black jacket with gold stripes down the sleeves), shirt, tie, slim black pants and old-school Woolrich lace-up boots. “I tried wearing dress shoes,” he told me, “But I kept slipping.” If the champion figure skater can’t walk our streets, where does that leave the rest of us?

Between the DWTS tour and skating tours, it’s been non-stop travel for Lysacek. Within a year, he says, he’ll have to make a decision about whether or not to compete in the 2014 Olympics. All I know is, when he returns to the Twin Cities in March, he promised I could come backstage to see his skating costumes! | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine © 2008 MSP Communications, Inc. All rights reserved