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Coming to 50th & France…

February 18th, 2011
by Allison Kaplan

More pretty underpinnings could be coming soon to 50th & France. Two former Hot Mama employees are in final negotiations to lease the vacant space at 4948 France Ave., between Bluepeg and Beaujos. The lingerie and loungewear boutique will be called Room No. 3. The owners are jetting to New York next week for a buying trip. They hope to open by June.

Meanwhile, there’s zero buzz about the gaping hole at the southeast corner of 50th & France. (Ann Taylor Loft abruptly – or at least it seemed – vacated the space a few months ago and moved to Southdale Center.) That’s got to be an expensive piece of real estate, so a local boutique is unlikely. I’d like to see something contemporary, complimentary to the upscale local retail, and not over-exposed in this market – like Club Monaco, which has just one store at Mall of America. Or wouldn’t you love to see Zara swoop in? (MOA would have a fit!) Or Intermix? Or a Barney’s Co-Op? A MN shopper can dream.

Just please – not another restaurant.

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3 Responses to “Coming to 50th & France…”

  1. Jennifer says:

    We need a Zara like yesterday, but the former ATL space is way too small. No way can this market support an Intermix. Co-op is an overrated denim store with Theory, Vince, Rag & Bone and their progeny mixed in to give a false upscale appearance. Club Monaco would be a good choice, but they don’t get enough traffic at MOA to support a second location. Keep your eye on the Claiborne group, which has been snatching up space around the country and breaking it up among some of its kids (Juicy, Kate Spade, etc).

  2. lesli says:

    A kate spade store would be wonderful!!! Love that idea, Jennifer!!

  3. joann says:

    totally agree re: no more restaurants! Traffic and parking are already ridiculous enough!

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