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The Many Faces of Len Druskin

February 14th, 2011
by Allison Kaplan

Len Druskin is going to need more names at the rate his son, president of his local retail empire, Michael Druskin is opening stores. The latest: Len Druskin Outlet is scheduled debut March 10 at City Center. It will replace the Len Druskin Clearance Experience, which has been temporarily located at Bonaventure in Minnetonka. New markdowns will be taken on Friday, Feb. 18, and the Minnetonka outlet will close March 6.

The new downtown Minneapolis Len Druskin Outlet will be the clearinghouse for markdowns from the full price stores (Len Druskin at the Galleria and Len Druskin Man and L.D. Len Druskin at Gaviidae Common), and will also feature some designer discount apparel purchased especially for the store.

This gets the retailer back to the concept of the original Len Druskin Outlet at Southdale Center, which now is Len, a fast fashion version of trendy contemporary apparel for women and men. Len stores, which have no connection to Len Druskin merchandise other than in name, are also located at City Center and Rosedale Center.

Meanwhile, the clearance center next to the Len store at Southdale will remain…for the time being. And while Minnetonka will be left without any Lens, don’t be surprised if one of them reappears soon.

You follow?

Michael Druskin acknowledges the various formats and names could be somewhat confusing to shoppers, but he’s not concerned. “Over time, it will become clearer, simplified,” Druskin says. “We just want to provide the best product possible at each location. As long as we do that, with good service, people will figure it out eventually.”

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4 Responses to “The Many Faces of Len Druskin”

  1. Katie Schutrop says:

    I’m a huge Len fan and frequent Len shopper. But I have to say, the more stores they open the less sexy their concept seems. What’s so fun about finding a steal on a designer piece if people are finding the same thing all over the metro? I only shop at one or two locations, so maybe the inventory differs from discount store to discount store?

  2. Bob Smith says:

    Its obvious Druskin is getting very cheap (or free net rent) retail space at City Center and Gaviidae.

    These spaces require little physical renovation and Druskin fills floor space that Brookfield can’t give away to any name retailer, local or national. The leasing agent continues to “swing & miss” with another Druskin store. Will the property soon change its name to Druskin Center?

    These downtown properties exemplify the slow death of meaning retailers in Minneapolis and void of leadership is glaring clear. Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown retail is nothing but booze after 5:00 PM.

  3. Len Druskin says:

    One of our core values at Len Druskin is to be in touch with and listen our customers, and every piece of feedback that we’ve received over the past 35 years has helped to shape the company that we’ve grown to be.

    The opening of our Gaviidae men’s store in 2007 represented the culmination of many years of work and our strong desire to have a presence in the center of the city, and we’re thrilled to be adding another store into this incredibly supportive downtown community.

    With the addition of our newest store in March, we’ll have four stores downtown, and we love being able to offer our customers options and choices!
    While all these options and choices may be a little confusing, (we’ve considered building a flow chart!) our goal is that each of them offers a unique array of merchandise–purchased specifically for each location.

    We are grateful to be part of a culture that is actively working to infuse downtown Minneapolis with a diverse and thriving retail industry. One that brings people back to the center of the city–a destination–and literally builds a stronger Minneapolis both socially and economically.

    See you downtown!

  4. Jaime says:

    I stopped shopping at Len Druskin Outlets when I kept on buying jeans and they were defected. I bought a pair of William Rast jeans twice, and each time they tore apart in under two weeks. Same with a pair of Rock & Republics. The sales girls looked at each other when I made the return, and told me all of there William Rast jeans were defected.

    Between that, and finding a dress with the suggested retail price tags still on it being alot cheaper then they’re “50%” off gimmick. If you like TJ Max or Old Navy, then Len Druskin Outlets are right up your alley. Wise up Len Druskin, this business plan has very little longevity, your kicking a dead horse here, and expansion will be the death of you.

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