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Ali Shops Blog

Good move, Peapods

January 16th, 2011
by Allison Kaplan

Yes, you can take a neighborhood store out of its neighborhood without losing that critical sense of community. Stopped by Peapods Natural Baby Care on Friday at its new address, 2290 Como Ave., St. Paul, and the shop was hopping I’m guessing the regulars from the old store on Snelling will travel across town for the wooden toys and cloth diapers and organic cotton clothes, not because they can’t get those goods elsewhere, but because they know what they’re buying at Peapods: quality, eco-friendly products – many handmade – from local and/or family-owned companies. And the new ‘hood, St. Anthony Park, was ripe for more shopping. It’s got the charm, the leafy street, the coffee shop, the wonderful Micawber’s book store, and heck, the original Bibelot gift shop, still, the retail scene hasn’t evolved to make this area east of Highway 280 a true shopping destination. While small stores have come and gone, Peapods is poised to stay – owners Millie Adelsheim and Dan Marshall bought their building. And it’s already clear that they know how to create community, whatever their address.

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